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We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to provide a family-friendly environment. For any Welfare concerns please feel free to contact our Welfare Officer and complete our incident form below.


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When signing on with Blackheath Rhinos Football Club, there are a number of terms and conditions that we expect you and your child to adhere too. Registration is performed through this website and must be completed for each season your child plays for a team within the club.​ Your respective manager and/or Operational Manager will provide details about registration and payment options to you.

  • By 'ticking' the boxes during the registration process, you are confirming that you agree to the conditions set out below. Any breach of these will have consequences to your membership.​ Without consenting to these, you will not be allowed to register for Blackheath Rhinos.

  • Attendance – IMPORTANT: When joining Blackheath Rhinos Football Club Team(s), you are agreeing to attend a minimum of 85% of training sessions and Sunday League fixtures. Failure to maintain above the 85% threshold will mean your child is not automatically guaranteed a place in the team for next season. This will periodically be reviewed throughout the season.


  • Signing On Consent – IMPORTANT: I consent to the following terms and conditions. I agree to my son / daughter becoming a member of Blackheath Rhinos Football Club and accept that they along with myself must abide by the current relevant rules of Blackheath Rhinos Football Club, The London County FA, The FA and any league in which they may play. I also accept that whilst participating, he / she will be under the care of the team manager and / or assistants or other adults authorised by the club. I have read, understood and agree to comply with the various Club Rules, Policies & Guidelines.

  • Parental Responsibility - IMPORTANT: I consent that whilst my child is playing a match or training that I will stay with them, not leave them with the manager and/or coach, and come back at the end. If I need to be absent for a specific reason then I will speak with my manager beforehand to come up with a solution


  • Payment Consent - IMPORTANT: I agree to pay the relevant fees to the club in accordance with the rate for the season registered. I agree and understand that failure to make payment will result in my child being suspended from playing until settlement is reached. I agree and understand that any outstanding monies owed by the end of the respective season could result in debt recovery procedures being followed.


  • Kit - IMPORTANT: I consent to returning any playing kit / training kit to the team manager when my child leaves the club.


  • Cancellation Policy : Up to two sessions per training day (Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday) per season may be cancelled due to weather or poor pitch conditions. No refunds for such cancellations will be given. Efforts will be made to reschedule to another training day. 


  • Media Consent - IMPORTANT: I consent to photographs/film of either me or my child to be taken for use on the Blackheath Rhinos Football Club website, Blackheath Rhinos Football Club Social Media Groups, newspaper articles etc… in accordance with the FA Photography Guidelines.

  • Cancellation Policy - IMPORTANT: Up to three sessions per training day (Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday) per season may be cancelled due to weather or poor pitch conditions. No refunds for such cancellations will be given. Efforts will be made to reschedule to another training day. The season will be extended to make up for any additional sessions effected. 

  • Coverage Consent - IMPORTANT: I understand that all the officials and managers take every care to ensure that playing for Blackheath Rhinos Football Club is an enjoyable and safe pastime. I also understand that all players take part AT THEIR OWN RISK in the same way as they would do with any school or personal activity. I understand that Blackheath Rhinos Football Club is covered for public liability but does not cover a player for injury/accident insurance. Should I be interested in any individual or team insurance cover I will speak with my team manager.


  • GDPR Consent - IMPORTANT: I consent to my data being stored by Blackheath Rhinos Football Club. I understand that my data is collected by Blackheath Rhinos Football Club for the purposes of running a grass-roots Football Club and that they will never share my information with anyone outside of the club unless specifically required to do so by law.​

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