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Helping Rhinos

Our story

Blackheath Rhinos Football Club proudly supports the Helping Rhinos Charity, embodying the spirit of community and conservation. Through dedicated efforts, the club has successfully raised over £10,000, contributing significantly to the charity's mission. This generous donation aids in vital initiatives such as caring for orphaned rhinos, supporting anti-poaching units, and enhancing rhino populations. The funds from Blackheath Rhinos help implement groundbreaking conservation and community projects, directly impacting the survival and welfare of rhinos. This partnership not only illustrates the club's commitment to global conservation but also highlights the power of sport in making a tangible difference in wildlife preservation.

If you are eager to help support our Charity partner, Helping Rhinos this can be done via a donation to our charity Rhinos Helping Hands. Your donations help support Rhino conservation efforts around the world.

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Community Involvement

Helping Rhinos is an international charity dedicated to the conservation of rhinos and other endangered wildlife. They focus on innovative conservation strategies, community involvement, and education initiatives to ensure the long-term survival of rhinos in their natural habitats. The charity is actively involved in Kenya, supporting the country's goal of increasing its black rhino population to 2,000 by 2030. In South Africa, they work to restore healthy populations of black and white rhinos across key conservation areas.

Team Spirit & Enjoyment

The charity collaborates with dedicated partners both internationally and locally, within rhino habitats. Their projects include caring for orphaned rhinos, supporting anti-poaching patrols (notably with the Black Mambas, an all-female anti-poaching unit), and aiding in the monitoring and growth of rhino populations. These efforts contribute to creating a sustainable future for all rhino species. The work of Helping Rhinos is fueled by the generosity of donors, underscoring the importance of community support in wildlife conservation.

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How Blackheath supports

Blackheath Rhinos Football Club has shown remarkable dedication to wildlife conservation by adopting two rhino orphans and a hippo, demonstrating their commitment beyond the football field. In addition to these adoptions, the club members have actively participated in the Royal Parks Half Marathon, raising significant funds for conservation efforts. These initiatives reflect the club's deep understanding of the importance of protecting endangered species and their habitats, while also showcasing their drive to make a positive impact through both direct action and community involvement.

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