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Sharpeville Rhinos

Our story

In the world of football, the collaboration between Blackheath Rhinos and Sharpeville Rhinos is a heart warming example of community and support. Both teams, though small in size, are mighty in spirit, and their partnership is a beacon of hope and progress. The support has rekindled the team's spirit, allowing players to pursue their passion for football and excel despite limited resources. The partnership is more than just material assistance; it's a shared journey towards growth and development. It underscores the power of collaboration in grassroots sports, proving that even small teams can make significant impacts in their communities. Blackheath and Sharpeville are not just playing football; they are building a foundation for enduring community strength and unity.

If you are eager to help support our sister club Sharpeville Rhinos, this can be done via a donation to our charity Rhinos Helping Hands. Your donations help cover the costs of registration, kit and equipment as well as travel to away games and a small lunch on match day.


Supporting the Community

The Blackheath Rhinos Football Club proudly supports the Sharpeville Rhinos, fostering a bond that transcends geographical boundaries. This partnership symbolizes a shared belief in the unifying power of football, promoting growth, unity, and mutual respect across communities.

Team Spirit & Enjoyment

The Sharpeville Rhinos Football Club plays a vital role in their community, using football as a transformative tool to steer children away from crime and gang involvement. By fostering a nurturing environment focused on teamwork and discipline, the club encourages young athletes to channel their energy positively, enhancing both their athletic and academic performance. This commitment not only shapes skilled football players but also builds responsible, motivated individuals who strive for excellence in school and life. The club's dedication to youth development showcases the power of sport in creating brighter futures and stronger communities.

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Being able to Compete

The support from Blackheath Rhinos Football Club is a game-changer for Sharpeville Rhinos, enabling them to compete at higher levels and significantly improve the lives of their players. This collaboration brings not only enhanced training and resources but also hope and opportunities, inspiring the young athletes in Sharpeville to aim higher in both sport and life. The partnership is more than just about football; it's about empowering a community and offering a path for personal and collective growth, illustrating the profound impact of international sportsmanship and support.

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